December 2, 2022

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Top 6 Luxury Cars for Hire in Uganda

Planning a business trip, an exclusive safari or a luxury wedding in the future. At Telllanza Car Rental Uganda, we are glad to inform you that we provide a wide range of impressive luxury cars that can be ideal a road trip adventure. Luxury cars give you the insight to delight in high-class service, enjoy extra comfort, quality amenities as well as an astounding performance that can never be compared to other normal vehicles.  In this article below, we present you the most outstanding luxury vehicles that can suit your event and offer you a unique experience;


This is one of the luxurious cars commonly known as a Limo. The vehicle is worldwide known as exclusively luxury with an elegant appearance. It is blessed with two compartments and designed to accommodate 6 or more people. The limo is a stylish and an eye-catching car that leaves everyone on the streets astonished due its elongated unique body design. The car is usually hired for luxurious wedding and it offers privacy a couple since it features a boundary between the passengers and your driver. These are separate two compartment. It equipped with impressive features such as; an air conditioning system, flexible and comfort seats with enough leg room space. You can hire a limo to impress your friends at the party, for an airport transfer, video shooting or on a business meeting with your partners.


BMW offers ultimate comfort and astounding performance on the road. The car is loved by many travelers due to its velocity as well as smoothness. It carries a maximum of 5 passengers. It features foldable rear seats that allows extra comfort. It also has a remote tank opener; button stop CD player/ FM radio and an air conditioning system among other attractive attributes. Meet your road trip satisfaction and excitement with a BMW on your next road trip.  


It is a nice-looking SUV car with a mesmerizing exterior body. Hummer is a giant car with an impressive style ideal for wedding hire, parting or official occasions plus other glamorous events. The car is designed to carry a maximum of 4 passengers. It features a cozy interior, comfortable seats with enough leg room space, enough cargo space, an air conditioning system among other wonderful features. For travelers that love to experience a high-class level and exhibit wealth, A hummer can ideal for your next road trip adventure.

Mercedes Benz

This is found in four categories such as, Mercedes Benz E-class, C-class, S- class as well as the 4×4 G-class. It is classic and legit car that gives you a luxury treat on the road. Don’t hesitate to miss the unforgettable memories on your trip when you hire a Mercedes Benz.

Range Rover Sport

The Range Rover sport is a mid-sized SUV vehicle that was matured by the UK automobile company known as the “Jaguar Land Rover”. It has a stunning body with a beautiful shiny exterior that gives the car a unique appearance. It is a 4WD that can navigate through all road terrain. It accommodates about 5 passengers including the driver guide. The Range rover has magnificent interior with comfortable leather seats, an air conditioning system and an expansive cargo space.

Land Cruise V8

The land cruise V8 is a large sized giant car featuring a stunning exterior body. The car is commonly hired for luxury safari experience, although it can as well work on other official events. It has a beautiful interior featuring comfortable seats enough leg room space, air conditioning system, massive cargo space, FM radio, CD Player among other lavish attributes.  It carries a capacity of 5 passenger plus a driver.

Are you searching for a classic and luxury car to hire for your future road trip in Uganda? At Mumwe Global Safaris, we pride in offering exclusively legit luxury vehicles that can meet the demand for your next safari in the Pearl of Africa. Regardless of whether, wedding hire, business, group tour or safari, feel free to get in touch with our travel experts for the best available deals. For more information and inquiries, simply send an email on or call us on +256-702838696 / +256-708234114 / +256-772424754 to talk to our customer care personnel.